Workshop “Introduction to systematic review and meta-analysis” NOVO!!!!!!

12/07/2016 18:41


Subject: Systematic review and meta-analysis are powerful tools to obtain high quality evidence for
experimental design of new studies. The workshop intend to provide an overview on Systematic review and metaanalysis
and help the students to prepare on their own a protocol for systematic review.
Target audience: students in the initial phase of Master’s course  (maximum 10)

Lecturers: Bahor, Zsnett (PhD student, Camarades Edinburgh, UK); Domingues, Karolina (PhD student, PPGFMCUFSC,
Florianópolis, Brazil); Lino de Oliveira, Cilene (Associate Professor, CFS-CCB-UFSC, Florianópolis, Brazil).

Language: English and Portuguese.
—-When? July 18th 2016—-Where? Laboratório Morfofuncional-CCB-UFSC—-How long? 8 hours

Program and contents:
(9-12am)- Morning activities
(9-10 am)- Introductory Lecture 1 (CLO)
(10-10:15 am)- Interval
(10:15-11:15 am)- Introductory lecture 2(ZB)
(11:15 -12 am)- Syrf and IICarus registration and navigation (students with lecturers advice)
(12-2 pm)- Lunch time.
(2-7 pm)- Afternoon activities
(2-6 pm)- Preparing a protocol for a systematic review (students with lecturers advice)
6-7 pm- Concluding remarks

Suggested References
• Khan, K., Kunz, R., Kleijnen, J., & Antes, G. (2011). Systematic reviews to support evidence-based medicine. Crc Press.
• Borenstein, M., Hedges, L. V., Higgins, J., & Rothstein, H. R. (2009). Front matter (pp. i-xxix). John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
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